The Saint Luis Rey Carenas cigar comes with a heritage few can match, taking inspiration from one of the focal points between the old world and the new. In the distant past, at a newly established city called Havana, there was a place called Puerto Carenas. This harbor transported some of the very first tobacco crops ever harvested to the first tobacco factory in Seville, Spain. That enduring legacy inspired the Saint Luis Rey Carenas to look back at the traditions of yore to craft something entirely new. The Carenas is crafted by the Grupo de Maestros at the famed La Flor de Copan cigar factory in Honduras, and packaged in the traditional style of the cigars of centuries past. The Carenas will take you back to the age of exploration, each draw giving that indescribable sensation of standing atop the bow of the ship as it boldly heads into the unknown

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