The MAXX is an extraordinarily mature cigar. Coated with a dark Nicaraguan tobacco it is blended to include tobaccos from 4 Latin American nations: Colombia, Nicaragua, Honduras and Mexico. The binder is a unique Costa Rican aromatic leaf and the cigar is a sweet medium to full-body, rich smooth and flavorful. The Alec Bradley Maxx cigar really ives up to its name! Light up any size of the Alec Bradley Maxx and get “full throttle” of maximum strength and flavor, every time.

The Alec Bradley Maxx cigar was rated 91½ by the Cigar Aficionado magazine.
The Alec Bradley Maxx is full of power thanks to the super-rich tobacco and also the super size of the cigars. They are all big ring and massive, masculine cigars, oozing with powerful flavors of leather, earth, and cocoa. Best of all is the nicotine kick this cigar gives, which will definitely be a bit too much for most cigar smokers. 

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