Acid Cigars were created to change the way we smoke. By using botanical, herbals, and oils to infuse cigars, they crafted some of the most unique cigars ever.

Most premium cigar brands pride themselves in building identities based on tradition. Being the oldest, keeping the closest to the tried and true methods. The other method is to have roots spanning back to Cuba, the unofficial cigar Mecca.

The visionaries behind ACID Cigars at Drew Estate understood an important fact about the business. That to take part in an industry with a lineage going back centuries, tribute should be paid to tradition. However, for any industry to survive it needs innovation and a brand that dares to be different. This cigar line is the difference the world of premium cigars sorely needs.

ACID’s unique flavor profile comes from its special infusion process. When it’s time for the tobacco to age, it’s placed in carefully designed curing facilities. The tobacco is cured alongside florals, herbs, and essential oils. Instilling each cigar with a distinctive taste.

The Brand has expanded its line to a whole host of delectable stogies. From the original ACID Blue to the latest limited edition ACID 20 Connecticut. With the whole line running the full gamut from mild to medium bodied to full bodied. All are engineered to provide a memorable smoking experience.

Acid has a well deserved reputation as an ideal starting point for any beginner cigar aficionados. In particular, the ACID Blondie is known as a great starter smoke. Many cigar lovers sing the praises of the brand for getting them started.

There’s a reason the brand managed to survive the cigar boom of the 90s when so many others disappeared. Simply put Acid is a brand that strives for innovation. While other cigar blends stagnate by being slaves to tradition, Acid thrives by challenging the status quo.

The results speak for themselves. Even as some old school smokers dismiss the entire notion of infused cigars, the popularity of these blends proves otherwise. Smokers have shown they appreciate experimentation. They want to see what tobacco can become when new ideas are put forth.

Don’t be fooled by nay sayers. This tobacco may be infused but its still made from a crop of incredible premium tobacco. From rich Nicaraguan tobacco to sweet and savory leaves from the Dominican Republic. Acid is a brand that always makes sure to put the best in its cigar’s long fillers.

The iconic logo of the brand features a cigar smoker reclining against a motorcycle under the shade of a tree. In a way it’s the perfect image for the brand. While so many other cigar makers are stuck in the past, Acid looks to the future. It moves forward, taking a fast pace to redefine the entire industry.

Everything from the handcrafting of each cigar and the unique aromatic smoke makes the brand unique. The bold, rebellious imagery, transcends a mere compromise between the worlds of tradition and innovation. Instead seamlessly welds an unrelenting drive to be different in an industry saturated with nostalgia.

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