About HEDON Cigars

The perfect combination of French Heritage and a vocation of Excellence

Unique in combining traditional craftsmanship with modern know-how, Hedon is the ONLY PRODUCER of Premium Cigars entirely made in France. The company history dates to 1999, when for the first time the idea of introducing the cultivation of cigar tobacco in the French Navarre region and of setting up a small luxury hand-made production became reality, thanks to a group of French entrepreneurs.

Since then, after years of research and experimentation to develop the optimal type of tobacco and master a perfect production technique, Hedon shares its expertise and vision offering a premium cigar range of unique and unparalleled quality!

Already named “Enterprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (“Living Heritage Company”) by the French government, Hedon stands in the wake of the most authentically French luxury and offers an original tasting experience. The sweet and aromatic notes of Hedon Cigars, both typical and recognizable, are particularly sought after not only by aficionados but also by those who are approaching the cigar world for the first time.

The tobacco used for Hedon Cigars is cultivated in the Pyrenees-Atlantiques department, between the Gaves and Adour region. Situated at 43 N latitude, the area has ideal rates of rainfall, humidity, and temperature for optimal growing of tobacco plants. There, a single variety of tobacco, ideally adapted to the soil and climate, grows and is destined for the filler, binder and wrapper of Hedon Cigars, allowing superior color uniformity and an appearance that are absolutely incomparable and stand out from all others, with unique characteristics.

All premium Hedon Cigars are hand-rolled by experienced artisans applying traditional, tried and tested techniques.

Explore the Hedon Universe of cigar pleasure where a cigar is never just a cigar, it is the pleasure of a moment that it just our own.