Trinidad Espiritu Series 2 cigars were hotly demanded after the acclaimed predecessor. The Series 2 tops it in every way with a hyper stylish smoke. The Espiritu 2 gives off a carnival aurora from the get go. The Trinidad brand has built its brand on lively premium cigars that embody their countries of origin.

With its kaleidoscope inspired box featuring a veritable concert of gorgeous colors. Inside its lively box, you’ll find some of the most luscious aged Brazilian tobacco out there. Mixed with a hardy crop of Nicaraguan filler. All blended to peak perfection.

The entire mix is rolled into a leathery Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper. Completing its medium to full bodied profile. The blend recently received an admirable 90 point rating from the masters at Cigar Aficionado. The critics lauded its unique blend of flavors that include red meat, toasted marshmallow, licorice, pepper, and caramel.

Each cigar is wrapped in a decadent Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper, balancing out its full bodied tobacco. A cigar this incredible should be expected considering it’s the fruit of a collaboration between two maestros of tobacco. AJ Fernandez and Rafael Nodal.

Available in several sizes, the Espiritu No. 2 is a glorious achievement that will have smokers across the globe mesmerized.

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