The Don Pepin Garcia JJ Series (Salomones Edition) – The cigar that lives up to the name.

Living up to a name is a daunting task, sometimes insurmountable. Living up to the Don Pepin Garcia name is an even bigger obstacle. This is why the JJ Series from Don Pepin Garcia is a masterpiece in itself. Handmade in Miami to maintain quality and freshness, this cigar is a gem from a great cigar company like Don Pepin.

From the moment you open up a JJ, you will notice its smooth light cocoa leaf wrapper that comes straight from Nicaragua. Aged to perfection and really stands out in a room full of copycats. The cigar is smooth all around, silky looking and elegant with a light oily sheen to it. The aroma is that of sweet cocoa leather and even a modest scent of barnyard finish. This cigar is tightly packed with genuine Nicaraguan Corojo and Criollo long-leaf tobaccos for great flavor. The pre draw has hints of pepper and spice and of course natural great tasting Nicaraguan tobacco.

Upon lighting this Don Pepin JJ Series, you’ll notice the wood and cedar notes that begin to come through this handsome cigar with its subtle hints of spice. A nice blend of sweetness will then make its way onto your palette to break up the spice, making it a unique and wonderful combination. The result, a medium to full body experience, with every bit of Don Pepin’s signature taste built in. A smooth, effortless, all around smoke from start to finish.

Enjoy this premium cigar from Don Pepin with a cup of your favorite coffee in the morning, or better yet… it for the evening after getting home from work or a long day on the golf course. Whip a few of these out in your smoking den, kick back with your crew, pour some of your favorite cognac and light up a JJ Series from Don Pepin Garcia. You won’t regret it.

Don Peping Garcia JJ Series – the cigar that embodies the brand.


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