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The Diesel Whiskey Row Founder’s Collection is a celebration of everything Diesel has accomplished. Putting their Nicaraguan tobacco front and center. Diesel has been the passion project of AJ Fernandez, and the Founder’s Collection is the culmination of his dedicated work.

A collaboration between Diesel and Rabbit Hole Founder’s Collection, the brand takes its tobacco to the next level thanks to its unique aging process. Using the brand’s trademark powerful Nicaraguan tobacco for its filler, it’s the binder that really brings the flavor. Its Nicaraguan tobacco is barrel aged in oak casks used for Rabbit Hole Founder’s Collection rye whiskey. Imbuing the stick with the rich taste of caramel, black pepper, vanilla, and citrus.

Comes with ten cigars in a box. Each cigar is six inches by a fifty-two ring gauge. Providing hours of full throttle smoking delight.

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