The Alec Bradley Lineage is the newest release from Alec Bradley Cigar Co. and was developed because The Founder, Alan Rubin’s two son Alec and Bradley very young when the company started in 1996 and now they have grown-up. So to commemorate that they are of legal age to cigars, they are releasing the Alec Bradley Lineage. The blend has a Honduran wrapper from the Trojes region, a Nicaraguan binder, and a filler blend of Honduras and Nicaraguan tobaccos. This is the first 70 inch ring gauge cigar from Alec Bradley Cigar Co which was highly requested by Alec Bradley aficionados. This great cigar releases aromas of rich flavor, earthy, floral, strong pepper notes, and roasted coffee flavors. This is a superb cigar to sit back and enjoy with your choice of beverage.
The Alec Bradley Lineage Cigar was awarded a respectable 90-rating by Cigar Aficionado Magazine.

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